The Fly Fishing Revolution : No Fly Rod Needed






Tackle for this "New Style" of Fishing

Tackle recommendations are for the most common uses by the author which are designed to get longer casts most often for use in clear shallow water with or without heavy vegetation or other cover situations, emphasizing the stealth factors.


Longer, softer rods and lighter lines are most often used to increase the casting distances, and to protect the lighter lines from breakage.


 If you are fishing deeper, stained or heavily vegetated situations where the fish are not so spooky, and if you do not need a long cast, adjustments to shorter, heavier action rods & heavier lines can be made, especially when making shorter casts beneath overhanging trees or under docks etc.

DragonFly Rod


  •  10 lb Braid Line System- for use with DragonFlies, JUMBO Crickets, FingerLing & Micro PLUG BUGs™


St Croix- 7.5 ft- Tide Master / TS76LM


• “Lite Power”- Moderate action- for 6-12 lb. line-

•  I most often use this rod with 10 lb Power Pro “Super Slick 8” Braided line

•  You could go up to 14 lb. line, but you will get less distance.

• It also works well with 6 lb braid for casting MicroPlugs, Medium Crickets & MayFlies.

• Leaders are usually 15-20 lb. Berkley Big Game Monofilament with DragonFlies.

• When using 6 lb. Braid line, I drop down to 12 lb. Berkley Monofilament leaders.

• DragonFly & Jumbo Cricket, FingerLing & MicroPlugs



Micro PLUG BUG Rod



Gander Mountain Guide Outfitters Series - 7 ft - ultralight action

Extreme Finesse Rod


Sponge Spiders, and floating/diving DragonFly & MayFly Nymphs


Shakespeare - 7.5 ft. extremely light, soft action rod





Big Bait Caster BUG Rod


  • 20-55 lb. Braid Line System- for use with the Designer Big Bait Casting BUGs™, RATS, Birds,

Skitter BUGs.


Various Medium to Heavy Spinning & Baitcasting Rods