The Fly Fishing Revolution : No Fly Rod Needed

Original Series -  MicroPlugs

$25.00 each

under construction

The Mighty MicroPlug

Don't let their tiny size fool you. This little guy is a Big Bass slayer, and he doesan't leave any of the smaller bass behind either. It looks so innocent and safe to eat. So, it is irresistable even if fish are not biting anything else due to cold water, hot water, cold fronts or general lack of feeding activity. It is the "go to bait" when things get tough. It is especially deadly on spooky, calm surfaces. There is a very good reason for the extremely sharp but very sturdy saltwater hook on this guy. Many videos are yet to be edited of these guys slaying bigger bass in difficult situations.

Watch the first YouTube Video on the MicroPlug below. It is from the Chronicles of the The FlyFishing Revolution : No Fly Rod Needed Episode #3 Under the PlayList for the Designer Bass Casting BUGs™ and it is entitled Monster Bass on the MicroPlug. The video displays thew finesse available to anglers fishing in calm, clear, spooky water with these tiny PlugBUGs™ and the appropriate light tackle.